Guest Room
Modern Japanese Tatami (Non-smoking room)
Japanese Tatami Room(10 Mats)
Japanese Tatami Room(12 Mats)
Japanese Tatami Room(16 Mats)
Japanese Tatami Room(30 Mats)
Modern Japanese Tatami (Non-smoking room)

Japanese Western Room (Non-smoking room)

This room fusion with Modern and Traditional Room with Tatami space and futon bed

-River side room (Hida river)

-In room dining(Breakfast and Dinner)

-Warm water washer toilet seat

-Size : 31.5㎡

-Non-Smoking Room

How to enjoy Japanese Tatami room
1.Take off your shoes before stepping on the tatami (Japanese straw mat) floor in your room.
2.Za-buton cushions are set on the tatami for you to sit on.
3.A set of Japanese tea pot and teacups are prepared on the table. Our staff serve japanese tea for you. Enjoy the tea and relax in the room.
You can relax comfortably in any style you like in the Japanese Tatami room. Our Tatami room consists of a wooden ceiling and pillars, walls and tatami mats. In the middle of the main room, you will find a low zataku table, and zaisu (legless chairs) with zabuton cushions placed on top.Please enjoy real Japanese and relax in our Ryokan.
Wear Yukata to Relax in Japanese Style
After taking a bath, we recommend you to change into the yukata placed in your guestroom. The room maid(Nagai-san) will make sure that the yukata is the right size for you. Some staying plans, ladies will be able to choose from a number of designs.
Sets of yukata, obi are placed in accordance with the number of persons staying in each guestroom. The short coat and Tabi will also be provided depending on the season. You will also find bath towels and face towels, and other amenities in guestroom also.

-Yukata -Short coat -Bath towel

-Hand towel -Toothbrush -Comb

-Razor(for men)

-Shower cap(For Ladies)

-All rooms are equipped with hair dryer

-Toliet with warm water washer -LCD TV

-Refrigerator (with beverages inside)

-Air conditionor -Free WiFi at Room

Color Ladies Yukata
Standard120g Hida Beef PlanModern Japanese Room