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This is an example dishes of Hida Kaiseki Dinner

-Aperitif -Entrees 
-Sashimi -Grill fish
-Hida Beef -Steam dish
-Hot-pot -Japanese-style soup
-Fruit -Rice and pickled vegetables

Gero taste

When you visit Gero Onsen,
you can not miss this
traditional hida local dishes
"Hida beef with Hoba Miso"
Hida beef grilled with fermented soybean paste and magnolia leaves

In room Dinner with Kaiseki Ryouri
You can experience real Kaiseki Ryouri (Traditional multi-course Japanese dinner) at Fugaku
Each dish is extravagantly prepared, using plenty of seasonal ingredients all so beautifully presented.
The Japanese food served from us is prepared by our master chefs specializing in Japanese cuisine. Our maestro, after many years of apprenticeship, have passed the national examination to become licensed cooks and now practice his art Fugaku. Chefs with outstanding skills are responsible for passing on the tradition of Japanese cuisine, and serve dishes which delight the eyes and palate of customers.
At Fugaku, meals are taken in the guestrooms. The attendant will politely explain about each dish as she serves the food. The various dishes of your dinner will be brought to your guestroom by the room attendant(Nakai-san). They will be served at the best temperature for each of the dishes. Here, you will be able to fully enjoy the skills of Japanese cuisine which cannot be experienced ever.
What is Hida Beef
Hida steers are raised in the meadows of the Hida plateau for more than 14 months.
Hida Beef is known for its fatty tissue and rich flavor. It is the best beef for Steak, Syabu-syabu, Sukiyaki.
At Fugaku, you can surely enjoy Hida Beef that we provide.
Extra Meun
Prime Hida Beef Steak

▲Prime Hida Beef Steak



Best Hida Beef Syabu

▲Beef Hida Beef Syabu



Sashimi Boat(Raw Fish)

▲Sashimi Boat


Boat for 5 guests

Children Set

▲Children Set


Tenpura Yomogi Noodle

▲Tenpura Noodle


Fish bone wine (500cc)

▲Fish bone wine


Top Hida Beef Sukiyaki

▲Top Hida Beef



Fresh Sashimi (Raw)

▲Fresh Sashimi
  (Raw Fish Dish)


1 dish

Gero Original Wine

▲Gero Original Wine


Red/White/Apple 360ml

Cake 12cm

▲Cake 12cm~


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Standard120g Hida Beef PlanModern Japanese Room