Gero Onsen Bath
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After immersing yourself in the ryokan ambience, it's now time to immerse your body in the natural onsen hot spring mineral bath. Both the Men's and Women’s baths feature mineral water flowing directly from the hot spring source all day and all night long, so feel free to bathe to your heart's, and your body's, content, as many times as you wish, for as long as you wish. The hot water will relax and warm you down to your very soul. The onsen can be a powerful experience - the initial physical sensation of entering the bath can remind you of exactly why it was the Creator gave you a body...

Gero onsen efficacy

-Onsen Name:Gero Onsen (Nickname: Beauty Onsen)

-Content:Alkaline simple hot spring (PH8.90)

-Temperature:55 degrees Celsius (source)

-Efficacy:Good for neuralgia, muscle pain and poor circulation

-Features:soft and smooth touching

Fugaku private onsen

-We also have private onsen (Couple Size) for our guest.


-You can enjoy Gero onsen with your love without disturbance

-Some of our staying plan can enjoy this private onsen for free.

-Please check out our staying plan.

-Open Time:15:00-15:45, 16:00-16:45, 17:00-17:45, 18:00-18:45,

-19:00-19:45, 20:00-20:45, 20:00-20:45, 21:00-21:45

-(Need to booking, first come first services)

How to enjoy Onsen, Japanese Style Hot Springs Bathing

Japanese style bathing is a bit different from western style, though, you can enjoy Onsen like an expert once you understand basic knowledge of how to take Japanese bath. Here's some tips on how to take a Japanese style bath.
You are only to go inside the bath tub after you washed your body. First, you are to rinse your body with hot water. Washing beforehand helps to keep the water in bath tub clean.
The rinsing and washing of your body with hot water also acclimatizes you to the actual temperature of the bath tub. It is not advisable to jump into the water like diving in to a swimming pool. Please use discretion.
Bring with you the small towel that will be provided for you and please do not put the hand towel into the bath tub water. Most people place the towel on their head. And remember do not use any soap or shampoo or other skin cleansers in bath tub.

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